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  • Dried lavender

    The Egyptians used the lavender for mummification; the Romanians exploited it in operating-rooms.    
The lavender has a soothing, disinfecting and regenerating effect.   
The lavender is used as tea to cure different lung diseases, migraine, neurosis, depression, to lower the nervous tension, to lower the blood pressure.   
Lavender blossoms in a hot bath are a real revival for the body and soul. 
Dried lavender blossoms are put into bedding due to their fresh smell and calming effect, also, they are put into wardrobes to repel clothes moths. 

    The lavender is widely used in culinary.

    Lavender leaves are an excellent spice to marinate the mutton, beef, and fish. The blossoms are especially suitable for flavouring  lemonade, ice-cream, jam, cookies and  cakes. Lavender spits are suitable to dub vegetables, white meat.  
If you throw dried lavender leaves into your fireplace, your house will be filled by fresh and pleasant aroma of the lavender which will remind you of Mediterranean seashore. This also gives a very positive effect for your and your relatives’ health. 

    The decoction of different parts of the lavender is very suitable for bathhouse lovers. 

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