Lavender is a Mediterranean herb, so it thrives in hot, sunny locations.

Choose a spot in your garden where the plant will receive full sun for at least eight hours a day. The spot should also be as sheltered as possible, to protect the plant

from winter winds. 

     Dampness is the enemy of lavender, so your most important consideration should be to choose a location where the soil is well-drained. The soil should be light, fluffy and well-aerated for optimum lavender-growing conditions. Lavender grows best in slightly alkaline conditions, with an ideal soil pH level of between 6.7 to 7.3. You can test your soil's pH level using a commercial test probe. These are available for purchase at home improvement stores and garden centers. 

      The best time to harvest your lavender is when the bottom flowers of each stem are just beginning to open. This is when the lavender is at its most vibrant and fragrant. Cut the flowers at the base of the stems, near the foliage.

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