Branded cookies with lavender blossoms


The ingredients


210g of butter, 1 egg yolk, 150g sugar powder, 1 full teaspoon of dried lavender blossoms, 1 lemon peel, 1,5 glass of flour,  3 spoons of potato starch, salt.




Mix the butter with the sugar powder, add the yolk, grated lemon peel, dried lavender leaves, salt, flour and starch.  Mix this well, knead the dough, and, by use of fresh foil, roll into a 4 cm roll. Put into the fridge. After 2 hours take out the dough, cut it into slices and put into a roasting tin. Bake for 15 minutes in the oven heated up to 180 degrees of temperature. Cooled cookies cab be tasted. Especially tasty with coffee.

Strawberry jam with lavender


The ingredients


1.5kg of fresh strawberries, 500g of sugar, 1 full teaspoon of dried lavender blossoms, half of lime juice




Put the dried lavender into the sugar, heat on a low flame, wait until the sugar melts and boils, take off the flame and leave for 2 hours. Then boil once again, filter through a percolator so that no lavender blossoms were left in the sugar (if the sugar is very thick, a bit of water can be added). Wash the strawberries, cut off the leaves, cut them into halves or quarters, add the prepared sugar and boil for 20 minutes. Pour the ready jam into heated jars. Enjoy!   

Chicken in lavender and honey


The ingredients


chicken, lavender leaves, thyme, 2 table spoons of honey, olive oil, salt, pepper, carrots.   




Chop 1/2 of thyme and mix it with ½ of lavender leaves. Mix the prepared herbs with oil, salt, pepper and honey. Rub this mass into the washed chicken, and stuff the remaining lavender and thyme leaves inside it.    

Heat the oven up to 220 degrees and put the chicken inside. The time of roasting is 1.5 hours.  

You can also prepare the garnish. Just roll carrots cut into pieces in the remaining marinade and cook them the same  roasting tin around one hour.    

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