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lavender village spa for our guests

Lavender face mask

fresh lavender face mask with yogurt and honey. Aromatherapy

30min - 15,00 EUR

Reservation required

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Laveder inhalaton

Lavender water inhalation with  face sauna system

20min - 10,00 EUR

Reservation required

Veido sauna.jpg
Lavender spa for feet

Only fresh lavender spa for feet, & lavender- mint tea

45min - 35,00 EUR

Reservation required

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage with ReBoots system for legs, buttocks, and abdomen. Aromatherapy

55min - 25,00 eur

 Reservation required

Massage for the neck

Massage system for the neck. AROMATHERAPY

20 min - 10,00 eur

 Reservation required

Nugaros ir kaklo masažuoklis_edited.jpg
Outdoor jacuzzi

outdoor jacuzzi with panoramic view. Lavender-mint tea

30 MIN - 35,00 EUR/2 persons, 50,00 eur/4 persons

 Reservation required

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