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Lavender Village is a place of peaceful rest, established in 2010 and cosily located in a corner of the Vilnius region by the water. You will find Lavender Village just 28 km from Vilnius (between the A1 and A2 highways), just 14 km from Kernavė (protected by UNESCO) and 35 km from the former historical capital of Lithuania - Trakai.

Lavender Village is a wonderfully romantic place to stay. Here, on our beach, you will find the peace of nature, the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of the sun and water, the sunset, walk in the lavender fields, fish or meditate.

Here you will also find an inspiring work space, a place for cozy celebrations, educational events or workshops.


Lavender Village has a shop that pleasantly surprises visitors with the abundance of lavender products and souvenirs (all our products are made here on the farm - with love and responsibility).

Every year at Lavender Village, we announce the beginning of the season of lavender seedlings and invite lavender and lavandin enthusiasts to visit the farm - to purchase seedlings, to gain knowledge about the care of these wonderful plants and their incredible effects on the body and mind.

During the lavender bloom, we invite you to come for a walk in the blooming fields, take a personal photo session and taste a tea with farm herbs.

Visiting fee - 10,00 eur per person, 3,00 eur for children under 3 years old

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"It's always good to come here. Every time I approach Lavender Village I feel like I'm wading through the dunes and waiting with happy anxiety to see the sea again."


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