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Guests of Lavender Village find here a place where they can be "here and now" and give themselves peace of mind and body. And those seeking easy movement and entertainment will find here a variety of ways and directions to enrich their free time.


 Here, our guests enjoy a book in the lavender fields or in the library near the fireplace, have fun in the freshwater lake, go boating or kayaking, go fishing, play foot-golf, mini-golf, pétanque or croquet. For the curious, we will offer various educations and tastings.


Lavender Village is located on the shore of a beautiful pond, which just invites you to enjoy the pleasures of water.

Here, our guests can enjoy romantic boating, kayaking, swimming and fishing (Lavender Village guests do not need a special fishing permit).

We remind you that safe behavior in the water is the most important :).



We have created an 18-hole landscape mini-golf course for our guests.


This game will involve both a small group of players and a serious group of players.


Guests can organize mini-golf tournaments.


They say golf is a gentleman's game and football is a hooligan's game. And who could have thought that these two sports could become one common game with its own rules - foot-golf!

Guests at Lavender Village can experience the game, learn its rules and play on a 9-hole course specially designed for the game.



Petanque is a fun and engaging outdoor game that can be played by 2 or more players. It is an individual or team game that is very popular in southern Europe and is often played simply at lunchtime.

Croquet is an outdoor game with deep traditions. A highly engaging and addictive game that requires precision and manual dexterity. 2 or more players can play.


Those who like quiet, exciting breaks are invited to play a game of poker, chess or cards.

Board games are very good for rainy moments and, on the contrary, while the sun is grilling, then it is nice to play games hiding somewhere in the shade :)



At the Lavender Village teahouse, guests can visit the mini-library next to the fireplace.


Here you can sit comfortably in an armchair or on a sofa, wrap yourself in a soft blanket and go on the most wonderful literary journeys :).

The library is a great shelter both when it's raining and when the sun is grilling :).


Lavender Village is located in a beautiful corner of Vilnius region. Guests from further afield can also visit nearby visitor attractions:

  • just 14 km away you can visit the town of Kernavė (protected by UNESCO)​

  • just 11 km away is the Neries Regional Park, famous for its hiking trails

  • just 7 km away you can go for a walk in the Dūkšta oak grove

Girl in the Woods
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